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Announcing Backbeat Technologies

A new name and direction for 2018.

Glynn Forrest
Wednesday, January 17, 2018

It gives me great pleasure to announce Backbeat Technologies, a new name and direction for the company I’ve been running since 2015. Up until recently, this shell company has been a simple storefront for me to take on B2B software contracts.

Now Backbeat is looking to grow into a proper tech company and launch some interesting new software into the world.

Looking ahead

We have ambitious plans for 2018.

We plan to release our two current projects, Perform and BackupsHQ, to the public.

We hope to take on bigger and more challenging contracts, and develop a first-class software service that our customers love.

We want to team up with other technology professionals to create great software together. In particular, we’re on the lookout for someone experienced with software sales and looking to join the start of an ambitious tech company.

Topics in this blog

This blog will cover a wide range of technology topics:

  • Lessons we’ve learned while developing our products and services
  • Case studies of great work with our customers
  • Writing web apps
  • Working with the cloud
  • Server administration

To start, I’m currently planning a series about building secure server architectures with Saltstack and Hashicorp tooling such as Vagrant, Vault, and Consul.

You can also expect posts about the company as it grows and develops.

Contact us

Drop us a line at for work, product, and all general enquiries; to have a chat; or to send some extravagant {fan|hate} mail.

Follow us on twitter and tell your friends!

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