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Web application development

We create truly bespoke web applications to streamline the way your business operates. Either from scratch or working with an existing project, we deliver measured, iterative, and visible results.

Our approach incorporates continuous integration and deployment at every step to give you a working product as soon as possible.

We also integrate with existing software teams, offering full-stack development, testing, sprint planning, and operations support.

Cloud solutions

We offer a multitude of cloud solutions for projects of all sizes.

Navigating the buzzword-filled landscape of cloud products can be confusing, and metered billing can get expensive fast. Our approach cuts through the noise and delivers a robust and scalable solution tailored exactly to your project requirements.

Run servers already? We can help you configure servers, workstations, and application deployments in a repeatable, automated way. We use tools like SaltStack, Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins, and Prometheus to automate the building, deployment and monitoring of applications. You’ll never have to provision a server manually again.

Digital transformation

Translate this buzzword into actionable steps for your business before your competitors do. Digital-native businesses move quicker, iterate faster, and provide more benefits to their customers than their non-digital rivals. Let us help you get ahead of the competion.

We have a passionate hatred for grunt work; work that a computer could easily do on your behalf. If computers can do so much, why does computer work involve so many repetitive tasks? Let us provide solutions to automate these tasks for you.

Need some advice on building an application to streamline a business process? Perhaps insight into choosing technology, software, programming languages? We can help you make these decisions, implement them, and get you back to being a business again.

Legacy code rescue

We can update and rescue old, unloved applications that your business depends on.

The software world moves fast, and these applications are a ticking time bomb. Antiquated products endanger your business and become security risks.

Wherever possible, we want to avoid a green field rewrite. While tempting, rewriting software from scratch often incurs several problems:

  • A rewrite takes up valuable business time while competitors move forwards. This 'necessary upgrade' often provides no new functionality to the business.
  • Existing business logic has to be re-written, accounting for edge cases and logic that has built up over several years.
  • Exisiting software still has to be maintained while the rewrite is in progress.
Instead, we aim to improve existing legacy applications in iterative stages. Our approach ensures critical business services are always available as they undergo modernisation.

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