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Backbeat Software brings expert development help to your Symfony, HashiCorp, and SaltStack projects.

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Why choose us to improve your project

We're specialists

Focusing on just three things means we're experts. Our knowledge goes beyond the surface level - we're committed to deeply learning about Symfony, HashiCorp, and SaltStack and passing that knowledge on to you and your projects.

We go beyond writing code

We don't just throw code over the wall, we improve the process for your team. That means good documentation, tidy issue trackers, readmes for everyone, decent dev setups, speedy test suites, and thoughtful questions. Our work is a force-multiplier that makes everyone on the team more productive.

We're obsessed with high quality work

We'll make it work. We'll make it right. We'll make it maintainable. We'll make it fast. Our commitment to high quality code standards ensures your software quality continues to grow. We're not pedants either - however you like to do things is fine with us!

No surprise invoices

There's nothing worse than a giant invoice with a single line item 🤮   We'll give you crystal-clear insight into how much we're charging and why. Our project portal keeps track of every piece of work we've done for you and how much it costs.

We're flexible

From one-off fixes to long-running projects, we can accommodate you. We can expand your team temporarily, fix that one annoying bug, or even start brand new projects. We cover multiple timezones to get that urgent fix out to you as soon as possible.

We're invested in the community

We submit regular patches and issues to the open source projects we depend on, and maintain our own projects too. We also write blog posts and send newsletters, check them out!

How we can help you

If your requirement isn't listed here but covers one of these categories, we can almost certainly do it!


  • On demand full stack development
  • Long term help
  • Version upgrades
  • One-off fixes
  • Better test suites
  • Migrations to Symfony
  • Legacy code rescue
Help me improve my project


  • Full HashiStack deployments
  • Terraform advice and workflow
  • Vault setup and management
  • Secure access to Consul
  • Run every app in Nomad
  • Efficient Packer builds
  • Custom Vagrant boxes for your team
Make the Kubernetes pain stop, please


  • Configuration management
  • Orchestration
  • Automated deployments
  • Version upgrades
  • Bespoke modules
  • Python 2 to 3
  • Migrate from Puppet, Chef, and Ansible
Amazing, tell me more