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HashiCorp Services

We're huge fans of HashiCorp tools to provision, secure, connect, and run infrastructure. With "cloud-native" getting ever more complicated and full of buzzwords, the "HashiStack" is a breath of fresh air. Let's build sane infrastructure together!

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Practical advice to level up your deployments

Full HashiStack deployments

Consul, Nomad, and Vault are the perfect runtime platform for your applications. The churn of Kubernetes can be overwhelming - let's build a sane foundation for your services instead.

Terraform advice and workflow

We'll setup your infrastructure as code safely and reliably, while also introducing structure and workflow to your Terraform runs. Lots of environments? Need reusable modules? Lots of existing infrastructure to import? We've got it covered.

Vault setup and management

Vault's approach to secrets management leads the industry, but it can get a bit confusing. How many Shamir keys? What about auto-unseal? How to organise the secret paths? We'll get you setup with a Vault deployment that's right for your organisation.

Secure access to Consul

Whether it's deployed standalone or alongside the other products, Consul usually contains valuable information that needs protecting. Let's make sure it's locked down from prying eyes and bad actors.

Run every app in Nomad

We love Nomad for its versatility. Skip the containers if your application doesn't need it - we'll show you how to deploy single binaries, VMs, and more, all with the same scheduling patterns you're used to with containers.

Efficient Packer builds

Don't let VM builds slow you down. We can speed up your time to deployment, reduce storage costs, and increase development speed when working with Packer.

Custom Vagrant boxes for your team

A main source of developer happiness (and sadness) is the development environment. If your dev setup is slowing things down, speak to us to write you a custom Vagrant box precisely optimised for your team and projects.

Let's make the HashiStack work for you

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